About Reiki

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki balances and works on the four levels of existence:

  • Physical: The Body and Manifested Pain
  • Emotional: What You are Feeling
  • Mental: What You are allowing Yourself to Think
  • Spiritual: Your Capacity to Love Yourself & Others

Reiki works on cause rather than the effects of dis-ease. It impacts the dis-ease, rather than the symptom. Reiki accelerates Healing, Reiki also supports any traditional medicine you may be using and can help relieve the side effects of traditional medicine.

How Does Reiki Feel?

You may feel very relaxed as the energy flows through your body, some people even fall asleep. You may experience seeing colors,feel peaceful or feel emotional as old patterns surface. Your experience is unique to you.


30 Minute Session – $55.00

60 Minute Session – $85.00

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