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May the universal energy bring sublime healing into your whole being and comforting serenity to your soul.

Lisa Hartle

It is my honor to participate with you in Reiki therapy. Our goal is to channel energy to promote healing and a greater sense of well-being.

What is Reiki

Although this practice began as Reiki in Japan around a century ago, the tradition of laying on of hands for healing goes back thousands of years. Reiki has simple and immense power.

The name Reiki is derived from the Japanese Kanji Rei -Spiritual Wisdom and the Kanji Ki– Life Energy. It is a flow of energy guided by spiritual consciousness, directing the practitioner.

A Reiki session is a sacred experience without specified outcome. Most receive a sense of deep relaxation and calm. You may notice warmth or tingling sensations. Some may experience an emotional release.

Reiki Kawa is my practice, derived from a deep spiritual connection to water, the energy of water, gentle, powerful, constant.

Kawa is the Japanese word for River. As water flows in a gentle river, nourishing, softening hard edges, Reiki Kawa practice channels the flow of spiritual energy in support of healing.

Distant Reiki

Because Reiki channels Universal Energy that is not limited to time and space, treatments can be given during which the practitioner and the receiver are in different locations. The distant session is done remotely. You remain in a chosen place that is quiet and we will communicate before and after.

Please consider an in person session first to directly experience the energy. We will work to accommodate your schedule for this.

My Practice of Reiki

A few years ago, I came to Reiki in search of a healing modality that would integrate the mind, body and spirit for healing. As a nurse with over 40 years of experience, I was very familiar with the gap between traditional Western approaches and alternative/complementary ones and have found Reiki to be a way to bring these together.

In addition, I was drawn to Reiki because it has no side effects and is simply received. Since the energy flows and is channeled, both of us benefit – it is a beautiful, meditative experience.

I am certified in Reiki levels 1 and 2 and hope to obtain the level of Reiki Master soon.

Reiki is good for everyone and I firmly believe that fees for the therapy should not be a barrier to receiving it – let’s discuss if this is an issue for you. Because I feel a special calling to offer Reiki to health care workers, I am offering a discount to this group.

Thank you for giving yourself the gift of Reiki and allowing me to work with you to receive it! I have chosen to devote time to the practice of Reiki and there is always energy for it! In addition to my passion for Reiki and nursing, I love to be by water and live on a houseboat on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor with my husband and husky. I am a novice sailor and singer and yoga practitioner, a painter of seashells, a vegan and invested in nurturing my physical and spiritual well being and those of others.

Photograph of Lisa Hartle, Reiki Practitioner
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