Greetings everyone,

We hope you are enjoying your summers and wanted to take a minute and give you a heads up about some construction that is taking place in our area. We just received notice about construction that is taking place on 41st and the surrounding areas including directly in front of our building. It has been assured to us that the streets will not be completely closed, but parking could be a challenge. The approximate timeline is 30 days but the city has made sure to emphasize that it’s only an estimate.

So where can you park?
There is parking available on the streets surrounding Woodberry Wellness (Girard Ave, Rockrose) just not directly in front of or beside us. Allowing yourself a few extra minutes to park would be helpful, that way you have time to walk if necessary. If you have any mobility issues, as some of our patients do, please contact our main number (410-878-0857) for assistance in parking as we would love to help in any way that we can.

What if the main entrance is not accessible?
If, when you show up for your appointment you’re not able to use the front entrance, we will have signs posted directing you to use our side entrance that is on our porch. Some of our veteran patients might remember this as being our old main entrance before we expanded. When you come in the door, you’ll see that you are right by our kitchenette area and you can then come down the ramp on the left to check in as usual.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We work hard to provide this space as a respite from the day to day chaos that life can throw our way and we look forward to when all this is completed and things can go back to “normal” around here.

Much love,
The Woodberry Wellness Team

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