1. Cover your neck

Springtime colds prevail when we fail to cover up our necks, shoulders and upper backs. In Chinese Medicine, we believe that certain pathogens enter the exterior of our bodies through the nape of our necks. That is why if a cold persists there is typically achiness in the neck, shoulder and upper back area.

2. Get to bed before 11pm

Our livers are important organs in the spring and regenerate from the hours of 11pm until 1am so it’s important to be horizontal and relaxing during that time.

3. Eat Seasonally

Drinking tons of lemon water and eating lots of greens, sprouts, seeds, nuts and fruits gives your body just what it needs to detox from the winter and refresh for the new season.

4. Tackle New Projects

Our bodies and minds are designed to give you energy to make lists, start new tasks and move forward in this season so take advantage!

5. See your Acupuncturist

We have specific treatments that are designed to help you live your best life within each season.  Feeling tight, irritable, frustrated or achy?  That’s a good sign you’re in need of a treatment.

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