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Congee is a grain based, medicinal porridge served for centuries in traditional East Indian and Chinese homes.  We’ve been talking to a lot of you about this dish that I have so much respect for.  We have learned about it in school in a cooking class we had.  After years of treating, We are noticing how many of us struggle with weak digestions and how much it is effecting our lives and long term health.  We invite all of you to incorporate this easy, affordable and deeply nourishing meal into your homes.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the spleen and stomach are a huge part of genre health and well being.  When they are strong and functioning properly, the rest of the body is able to strengthen.  The typical American diet weakens these systems over time leading to epidemic dis-ease.

Congee is healing in the sense that those who need to lose weight will lose it and those who need to gain weight will gain it.  It’s especially good for those who have fatigue, reflux, bloating or gas after eating.  It’s great for anyone who is sick and for those with weakened immune system or chronic diseases.  The body will have more energy to heal because it is not overworking to process food that is difficult to digest.  When you incorporate this as a regular dish, you’ll see major improvement in digestive functions and the consistent level of physical energy and mental clarity throughout the day.


Here are instructions as well as a couple of our favorite Congee recipes, however, please get as creative as you want!

Congee Basic Ingredients

1 cup grain (rice, millet, barley, quinoa)

8 cups chicken broth or water

1 Tbsp butter/oil

Slow Cooker

Combine basic ingredients in slow cooker and cook at low heat 8 hours.

Using a pressure cooker

Combine basic ingredients in pressure cooker and cook on high for 20 minutes.

Suggested Toppings before cook:    

Shredded beef, pork or poultry

Vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, radish, kale, etc.)

Soy sauce, hot sauce, chili paste, fish sauce, amino acids, etc.

Nuts/Fruits (walnuts, almonds, dates, dried cherries)

Spices/Dry Herbs (ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cayenne, etc.)

Suggested Toppings after cook:

Fresh herbs (scallions, parsley, cilantro, etc.)

Poached or fried egg

Flavorings (honey, maple syrup, milk)

Our Favorite Sweet Recipe

1 cup rice, 8 cups water and 1 Tbsp grass fed butter

Cooked with sweet potato, dates, chopped ginger, cinnamon, and clove.

Add maple syrup, chopped walnuts and a dash of almond or cashew milk to serve.

Our Favorite Savory Recipe

1 cup rice, 8 cups water and 1 Tbsp grass fed butter

Sauté bacon, eggs, onion and garlic.
Add sauteed ingredients and chopped kale, chili paste and amino acids to rice, water and grass fed butter.

Add scallions, toasted sesame oil and a fried egg to serve.
Tamari/Amino Acids to taste.

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