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Mental health work can be challenging but it can offer an emotional release, a sense of being heard, supported and understood.  It can help heal pains from the past, look at ways of thinking that affect how you feel, establish goals, handle intense emotions, strengthen problem solving skills, build relationships, changes patterns and habits of behavior that hold you back, and help you feel stronger despite challenges.  Therapy services are 45 to 55 minutes long and can occur weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on your availability.
Thoughts and Reflection-
From childhood, people are drawn to reading and listening to stories, and as we grow we seek out new stories and begin to tell our own. Oftentimes, we relive these same tales, knowingly and unknowingly, rather than beginning new ones.  Every story is both unique and universal in some way; mental health work is for you to gain insight as you decide what you want to keep, change, and let go from your narratives.

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