Teacher Summer Special!


And get on Leah, Muraad and Melisa’s books before they fill up!!!


This week Tiffany, Gena and Muraad got the opportunity to be on the BMORE Lifestyle show on FOX 45 and talk to Char and Christina about Acupuncture!

Click HERE to see how it went!


Get to know our beloved Massage Therapist:

Leah Geslois, LMT

1. How did you get into massage therapy?

I had very early exposure to massage therapy starting when i was 6 or so. My mom was a Fed-ex delivery person and would spend most of her work hours on her feet. I offered to rub her feet for her one day and she paid me a $1 per minute. It became a regular exchange, but i didn’t know back then that I’d pursue a career in this field. I decided to enroll in the Therapeutic Massage program at AACC after i obtained an associates degree in Business and Art. “Well, why not?” is what i said to myself.

2. What is unique about your treatments?

My treatments aspire to target onset of pain that results from deviations in postural orientation as well as address energetic imbalances using vibrational frequencies emitted from the body.

From there, my goal for bodywork sessions is to help my clients reach a dream-like state of consciousness, where they can fully release the pressures of life for that duration of time. My intention is to create space to just be in that moment, immerse themselves into the experience.

3. What do you love most about your job?

It brings me much joy to establish deeper connections with my clients, where they feel they can be themselves in a safe space with me. I play the role of practitioner but I also make it known that i am there to support them in their life journey as well as their path of healing.

4. What homework do you like to give your clients?

After treatment sessions i educate my clients on what may be causing their pain and I’ll provide examples/demonstration of techniques to address it.

What I’ve noticed from my time in this field is that superficial pain often stems from musculoskeletal imbalances or poor posture. For instance, a person that spends much of their time on the computer will often present with shoulders that round forward, an indication that they have shortened muscles fibers in the chest, front of shoulders and neck. This can often result in pain in the upper back and back of neck because the muscles are being pulled forward since they also attach to bones of the shoulder girdle. In this scenario a person would present with short muscles in the front body and longer muscles on the opposite side or back body. To counteract this they could perform simple techniques such as rolling their shoulders backwards or squeezing their shoulder blades together to strengthen the back muscles consequently promoting flexibility in the chest and front of shoulders.

5. When you’re not massaging, what do you like to do on your off time?

I can’t go a day without practicing yoga. I also spend a lot of time hanging upside down from Aerial fabrics, gardening, reading, making art and playing with my dog Banjo.

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