Corrective Exercise Specialist

My name is Muraad Pope. I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist with an international certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I seek to promote holistic health and natural medicinal practices. As a former Marine, I was commander of the body conditioning platoon (BCP). It was my job to train injured and unconditioned marines so that they could efficiently resume their duties. The Marine Corps exercise regiment was designed to create warriors, but my focus is to heal injuries, increase muscle strength, and promote flexibility of movement. That is precisely what my corrective exercise program is focused on accomplishing. The exercises are designed to break down myofascial tissue, recruit unused muscle fibers, and reestablish lost neural connection to facilitate healing in a holistic environment. I have worked with youths, seniors and everyone in between. The program has been utilized to treat sciatica, plantar fasciitis, injured rotator cuffs, knees, hips and much more. This presents all of my clients an alternative to surgery! The program is for anyone who aspires to live pain free. All fitness levels are welcome.

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