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Through century-old healing techniques, Melisa provides emotional and physical support to those asking the Universe for guidance. A Usui and Karuna Reiki master, Certified Medical Reiki Master, certified animal Reiki practitioner, trained crystal healer, empowerment coach, and experienced educator, Melisa was called to channel the life-force energy that surrounds us for the well-being of all. Through one-on-one and distant energy healing sessions, Melisa’s purpose is to offer her community energy and tools to heal themselves, change their lives, and grow boundlessly into their highest best.

Melisa is passionate about the importance of self-care and about helping her clients to heal. Reiki energy can be offered in support of conventional medical treatments for a variety of physical, mental, and emotional illnesses and conditions. Melisa has supported her clients in managing chronic pain, the side-effects of chemotherapy, migraines, grief, anxiety, insomnia, depression, effects of trauma and abuse, and recovery from addiction. It is beneficial for people and animals of all ages.

Visit: for information about what Reiki is, what to expect during a Reiki treatment, and how Reiki can help you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Melisa Mitchell's hands



A 30-minute consultation followed by a half-hour Reiki treatment.



Includes a phone consultation and a distant Reiki treatment (Total time: 30-45 minutes).

Melisa Mitchell performing reiki

When I first started coming to see Melisa at WW I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had never been to a Reiki practitioner before and was skeptical about what the experience would entail and what results Reiki would yield.  I kept an open mind, and am grateful that I did, because I have been seeing Melisa for over a year now and can’t say enough about how much she helps me. The office is relaxing an soothing and Melisa is attuned to my mood and my needs.  When I can’t come at our usual appointment time, she tries to accommodate me to fit into her schedule. I love Melisa, and Woodberry Wellness, and can definitely say I will keep coming back!


Rebecca Gibson

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