About Lauren

Lauren is a Maryland licensed Nutritionist. She received her Masters of Science in Integrative Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health, and works as a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Lauren started her nutrition journey after wanting to find a more natural solution to handle her stress and anxiety imbalances, other than the multiple mood altering medications she had been prescribed. She became interested in the role nutrition can play on our physical and emotional body, and experimented with various whole food diets. The changes Lauren experienced from proper nutrition were so powerful that she was inspired to return to school to study nutrition. She learned that she had much more control over her health and happiness than she previously thought, and wants others to feel just as empowered and confident in their wellbeing. Through integrative nutrition, Lauren is able to treat the whole person and incorporate all factors that influence health; including community, history, mind, and body. Lauren shows clients how to to optimize their overall health and wellness with a focus on nutrient rich whole foods, personalized goals, and high quality specific vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients.

Lauren helps adults with the following:

Chronic disease

Food and chemical allergies or sensitivities

Autoimmune disorders

Thyroid disorders

Healthy weight maintenance

Blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Out of range blood labs

Stress and anxiety

Healthy digestion

Energy and vitality

Healthy aging and disease prevention

Learning to apply healthy eating habits

General health refinement and optimization

So much more is in your control than you may have ever imagined.

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