I am a Native New Yorker currently residing here in Baltimore since 911 by way of Verizon. That entire situation took many years to heal from and the outcome was Reiki to calm my mind and welcome the CHI being offered from its practice. Massage therapy to be able to offer myself as well as others relief from the vessel that carries the load of the Soul.   I am now a registered licensed massage therapist in Maryland State. I have been trained in Swedish, Deep, Cranial Sacral, Aromatherapy, Lomi-Lomi, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic release, Acupressure, Cupping, Sports massage, Meridians, Shiatsu , Hot Stones, Reflexology and Reiki. I am proficient in all modalities listed above. A typical massage by me would most definitely include a little of Swedish, a bit of Deep, smoothed over with Myofascial, acupressure where needed, Reiki and the smells of aromatherapy. This is a taste of my Signature. Please be welcomed and inspired to revive yourself with myself. I love what I do. Nothing compares to the energy being offered and then received in and of love and being in servitude for just that cause. I am humbled to be your next therapist. Until then…..



Mondays 4pm-8pm

Sundays 9am – 2pm

Bodywork Sessions

30 minutes $55

60 minutes $100

75 minutes $115

90 minutes $130

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