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Gena is a Maryland licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist and co-owner of Woodberry Wellness.  She received a Master of Oriental Medicine at the Maryland University for Integrative Health.

Gena is a compassionate healer who is dedicated in exploring your physical, mental and emotional struggles while restoring balance and harmony.  She believes in the power of embodying your true and authentic self and helps you to access your body’s wisdom.  She loves helping her clients find empowerment, abundance and movement in their life, when they feel stuck or have forgotten about their gifts and strengths.

Gena has a special interest in providing acupuncture and herbal medicine with a focus in Women’s Health for women of all ages in Baltimore city.  She also has a particular interest in addressing pain and imbalances in your body, mind and soul.

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I’d like to start of by saying I love the team at Woodberry Wellness, and especially Gena Roberge, my acupuncturist.

I had always wondered about acupuncture but never really explored it. About 10 months ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, and had surgery to have half of my thyroid removed. I’ve struggled ever since to get my hormone levels evened out and back to a normal place. A friend recommended acupuncture and I’m so grateful she did. Gena took the time to understand the physical and emotional concerns I was facing and is working to tackle them in a strategic way. I feel safe and comfortable in her care and look forward to my appointments. I would recommend this treatment for anyone looking for a way to address pain, or even just looking for help to sleep better.


Thank You

R. D.

I have been working with Gena for almost 2 years now and I could not be more pleased. She has an innate ability to understand what my unique needs are each visit. Even when there is extended time between visits, she is able to sense when things need to be addressed.  She has also helped me better understand and appreciate my empathic side. My life would not be the same without her. My goals have transitioned from fixing to growing. I cannot imagine my life without Gena and Woodberry Wellness. Thank you all!


Dawn Roelofs

I love the energy you feel as soon as you walk into the door. Everyone is super friendly, helpful, and supportive. I have been going to Gena for over 2 years and her treatments have helped me with everything from stress, anxiety, injuries, colds, and now prenatal care. She is a compassionate provider and a wealth of knowledge.



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