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Cathy Allen, founder of the Sensory Academy™ and known as the Green Ambassador have worked with countless clients creating mindful wellness experiences and spaces to increase relaxation, concentration, mental focus, clarity, and confidence. Her renowned work to date is the City of Baltimore, spearheading the planting of 1M sensory trees on the lawns of Baltimore City Public Schools to boost test scores, social connection and self-awareness among its students. Cathy is also, a Master Gardener-University of Maryland, Bay-Wise Landscape Certified, Former Chair, ’Grow It Eat It’ agriculture campaign-University of Maryland, Grant Reviewer for the Chesapeake Bay Trust, published environmental columnist for the Afro-American newspaper and Co-Creator, G.R.A.S.S.- Growing Resources After Sowing Seeds, an entrepreneurial program based on the fundamentals of sensory gardening, agriculture and ecology. Cathy has won many environmental awards and received several city and community citations for her work in sensory environmental awareness.

We are all flowers inside God’s Good Garden.

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain plants, flowers, trees, or herbs?

God has given me extraordinary insight as an intuitive and healer. I communicate with plant life and teach others how to communicate with their higher selves to walk in a purposeful life. 

Inside God’s Good Garden we are all made up of 13 (thirteen) soul flowers clusters. Each flower cluster have their own distinct purpose and dangers.  

I am a double-cupped daffodil the visionary that has the spiritual powers of a healer with the foresight of knowing. My soul purpose is to counsel, guide and be the catalyst unlocking the wisdom within.



Soul Flower Sessions will introduce you to your purpose. Perfect for those seeking a meaningful life filled with happiness, love and calling.

Soul Sessions allow those to communicate directly with the higher self for clarity, cleansing; removing past emotional pains, obstacles, and distractions getting in the way of joy, wisdom, and fortitude.   

Each session you are surrounded by God’s love, light, and peace in a calming gentle setting.


Soul Sessions: 30 minutes $85

Soul Flower Sessions: 60 minutes $135


Saturday 10am-2pm


Cathy is AMAZING.  Her gifts are indescribable.  Since speaking with Cathy, she has brought such joy, peace and laughter into my spirit through her helping me connect to my higher self.  The first interaction with Cathy, I didn’t know what to expect, but at the same time I was anticipating a life changing moment, which is exactly what happen. I can’t thank Cathy enough for allowing God to use her. Her gifts have helped me identify who God called me to be.  Every session I learn something new about myself that I’m able to apply in all aspects of my life.  She has the ability to help you move pass those hurdles that are stopping you from being the best version of yourself.  – Sharita B.️ Houston, TX.

Let me begin with, I was a bit skeptical of working with Cathy at first. What I mean is, I just wasn’t sure what Cathy was offering was really for me. Oh boy, was I wrong! Not only was it for me, it changed my life both personally and professionally.

Upon investing in the soul flower session, I received clarity. This clarity has allowed me to be extremely focused and confident in operating in my purpose. Mentally, the soul sessions provided specific strategies and tools for me to utilize when needed. I still use them to this day! Whether I’ve experiences being over stimulated with great opportunities or a mind that won’t seem to cut off; the techniques and strategies I’ve learned help me keep calm when overstimulated as well as calm my mind when it’s on overload.

I could divulge so much more, but I encourage you take this journey for yourself.  – Rachel B. Foy, Life Strategist/IQuit Podcast w/Rachel B. Foy, Houston, TX.

Working with Cathy is amazing, her soul sessions helped me rediscover myself after becoming a mother and uncover what was holding me back from pursuing my passion. I have always known that I was a calm, laid back person but now I know why after discovering my soul flower. She taught me how to recognize the difference between my higher self and logic mind so I can get to the core of my situation. I also learned through her exercises how to stay focused on my goals.  Even though I have always been a very spiritual person, I realized during my sessions with Cathy that everything I have experienced in my life happened for a reason, and I thank her for inspiring me to follow my dreams. – Catasha H., Career Coach, Atlanta, GA.

Cathy Allen
Intuitive Healer
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