About Intuitive Healing

We are all flowers inside God’s Good Garden.

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain plants, flowers, trees, or herbs?

God has given me extraordinary insight as an intuitive and healer. I communicate with plant life and teach others how to communicate with their higher selves to walk in a purposeful life. 

Inside God’s Good Garden we are all made up of 13 (thirteen) soul flowers clusters. Each flower cluster have their own distinct purpose and dangers.  

I am a double-cupped daffodil the visionary that has the spiritual powers of a healer with the foresight of knowing. My soul purpose is to counsel, guide and be the catalyst unlocking the wisdom within.


Soul Flower Sessions will introduce you to your purpose. Perfect for those seeking a meaningful life filled with happiness, love and calling.

Soul Sessions allow those to communicate directly with the higher self for clarity, cleansing; removing past emotional pains, obstacles, and distractions getting in the way of joy, wisdom, and fortitude.   

Each session you are surrounded by God’s love, light, and peace in a calming gentle setting.


Soul Sessions: 30 minutes $85

Soul Flower Sessions: 60 minutes $135

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