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Hypnosis is deliberate and direct communication with the deepest part of yourself, it is a line to the place where your thoughts are born, bypassing all irrelevant chatter.  In order to create lasting change, sometimes you have to reboot a metaphorical program running in your mind.  Change an idea held at the very root of where it starts.  For instance, say you hate to exercise, the mere thought of it fills you with dread.  Maybe you had a bad experience in a gym, maybe you just don’t like to sweat, it really doesn’t matter why. When you speak to, or in this case elect someone (the hypnotist) to speak to you on your deepest level, where these thoughts begin,  you reprogram yourself to enjoy and look forward to exercise. This effect then bubbles up through every other layer of your mind, until it is something that you then desire to do. Your dread of it will disappear. And you will do it. It will feel good to do it.

A hypnotist is simply an ambassador to your deepest self.

If you doubt this, ask yourself “is there something I would like to do but am afraid to do for no logical reason?”  If so, realize that this is a schism between your conscious and your subconscious mind.  You want to but you can’t. No matter what you tell yourself in your conscious mind, you still can’t let yourself do it.  The only way is to get your subconscious  on board.  Only then will you overcome your resistance.  If you look around you and see people effortlessly and successfully scaling the wall you fear – it is because their subconscious mind is offering them no resistance.  All of their thoughts are in tandem.  Once your subconscious turns around the fear to desire, you, too, can do anything you wish to do.

It is not magic and it is not without effort on your part. You are not a passive subject in the matter.

Hypnosis will change the program, plant the seed, but you still must tend to the growth it will engender.  You will reinforce what has taken place and it will grow in your conscious mind.  After all; it was you who wished for it in the first place!

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