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Elemental Balance

Five Element Acupuncture is based upon the elements in nature–wood, fire, earth, metal and water, which correspond to our major organs and their physiology. If one is thrown off balance, the body compensates by asking another organ, joint, or region of the brain to work harder.  If this overworking/under–working dynamic goes on for too long, the body becomes exhausted in its attempt to move through the world in a compromised state, and eventually illness results. As we are all aware, illness can be experienced in many different ways; whether on the physical, emotional, spiritual or mental level, it is held as a plea for assistance. Blood and qi can become blocked, stagnant, excessive or depleted. Acupuncture invigorates the natural flow of blood and qi by inserting thin, sterile, single-use needles to . Patients often feel like they are being seen in their entirety and are excited to gain clarity about how seemingly unrelated phenomena culminate to inform us about the root causes or patterns of disease within the individual. Through diagnosis and pulse-taking, the acupuncturist tunes into how the systems are working and evaluates the blood and qi quality and content throughout the body. With this information, a customized treatment of acupuncture points and asian bodywork are offered to assist the body in re-balancing itself.

Acupuncture Procedure
Forehead Acupuncture

How Acupuncture Works

One of the oldest forms of healing in the world, acupuncture is a safe, natural and drug-free health care system. Based on the central tenet that the body must be in balance to function at its peak, acupuncture addresses the flow of energy and blood (called chi) throughout the body along specific pathways called meridians. When flowing smoothly, the patient can move about the world with ease, when stagnant or blocked dis-ease, or disease may result.

According the Federal Drug Administration, Americans visit acupuncturists nine to twelve million times a year. Among the numerous health organizations that recognize the benefits of acupuncture, the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization have concluded that acupuncture is an effective treatment for many conditions.

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